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A little planning can make bathing in your new bathroom wonderfully pleasurable. Your ideas on style and our know-how will make the room.
We plan more than 90% of our bathrooms. We know how to maximise the space. We will design your bathroom on paper - frankly, we have seen so many CAD designs (although looking great) that are wrong and do not work as well as the simpler hand drawing,
and after over 10,000 customers in 11 years we are pretty good at it.

How can you help in the design process? 
To plan your bathroom our designers need to know:
  • The length, width and height of your room?
  • Where the toilet is situated?
  • Where the window is situated?
  • Where your door is and which way it opens ?
  • The posistion of any sloping ceilings?
  • Your budget for the bathroom?
  • How you heat your hot water e.g a combi boiler?
  • A rough idea of the style you require? e.g modern/Traditional/ Contemporary.
  • How soon will you want the bathroom? as this will inflence what goods can be ordered in time,
  • and most importantly what your ideas are on what the bathroom should look like?

Once our designers have this information, it will enable them to combine the practical aspects of your room and merge them with your design ideas and any styles you may have seen in our showroom.

Site visit

A site visit - where one of our designers will come to your house, usually in the evening, to measure your bathroom and discuss the design of your bathroom - is available for a fee of £50 (refundable once you place an order).

Typical BTC Barnet plan Click picture to see the end result

Suggestions for a beautiful bathroom

1. Plan your bathroom(see above)

2. Find an plumber/bathroom installer/tiler who you have seen thier work, or who you have been recommended. Stylish bathrooms put in by a shoddy plumber look average and your bathroom should look superb and will do if you combine good ideas great equipment and quality craftsmen.

3. Communicate with your installer, let him have a copy of the plans and a copy of your order and discuss with him where you want everything. For example let him know you are using angled rad valves for your towel rail so he knows he has to chase the wall out for the pipes.

4. Most quality bathroom furniture and some shower doors takes about a month come in. So allow plenty of time when you order before the installation start date (see salesman for details). Last minute orders while possiable are not recommended.

5. Decide what for you is important in your bathroom. So if you really want a powerfull shower allocate agreater part of your budget for the shower.
6. Make 100% sure you are happy with what you are ordering as many bespoke items are unreturnable, and anything else you return you will be charged a restocking fee for.
7. If you are thinking of selling your house in the next couple of years it is advisable to keep a bath in your property even if you do not use it,. as this will make your property easy to sell. Also try to keep the styling neutral but classy. Bright pink tiles may float your boat but are likley to make any potential buyer think that they will have spend money on the bathroom as a priority, therefore making it less likley that you will get your properties asking price. If however you are going to live there forever do what you like, if you don`t like baths but love showers have a big shower and throw the bath out!
8. Try to get your bathroom delivered on the day your installer starts. So that he can talk to our driver and go through and check the goods and ask any relevent questions.
More suggestions coming soon!

Finished result of the above plan